Boiler Dust Removal Equipment

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First, the boiler soot and emission standards
Boiler fuel in addition to release a lot of heat in the combustion process, but also produce a lot of smoke. Flue gas is a mixture of gas phase material and solid phase material. Fuels mainly include carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, nitrogen, oxygen and so on. Solid material is soot. Due to the presence of smoke, the boiler smoke gray or even black.
Industrial boiler soot prevention measures mainly from two aspects:
(1) Improve the combustion mode of the boiler to completely burn the fuel in the boiler, especially to eliminate the hand furnace and adopt the mechanized combustion method such as chain furnace.
(2) The correct choice of dust removal equipment. This article will introduce the commonly used dust removal equipment.
Second, the classification of dust removal equipment
According to the role of the mechanism of the precipitator, divided into four types: mechanical dust collector, electric precipitator, filter dust collector and washing precipitator.
The evaluation of the dust collector in general dust removal efficiency, pressure loss, adaptability to changes in load, cost, durability and operation and management costs and other indicators to evaluate.
Electric dust remover, also known as electrostatic precipitator, its working principle is to dust particles in dust-containing gas charged under the action of the electric field to drive charged dust particles deposited on the surface of the settling pole. At present, as domestic small and medium-sized boiler flue gas purification electrostatic precipitator products are mainly vertical tube electrostatic precipitator. This single-tube dust collector volume of 5000 m 3 / h (m3 / h), double-pipe for the 9000 m 3 / h (m3 / h), three for the 15,000 m 3 / hour (m3 / h).
At present, the filter used in industrial boilers is mainly bag filter dust collector. It is a bag filter to filter dust.
Washing dust collector also known as wet dust collector, which uses water as the medium, the use of water network, water film, water droplets to capture smoke and dust, the flue gas to be purified. This dust collector has the advantages of simple structure, high investment, high dust removal efficiency and certain decontamination effect on harmful substances in flue gas. But it also has some shortcomings, the efficiency of dust removal of hydrophobic soot is not high, sticky soot is easy to plug the flue and fan impeller, in addition, the larger water consumption and the need for sewage treatment.


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