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Shaft Power (W): 38-90

Voltage (V): 220/400

Application: Magnesium Calcination Production

Shipping Port: Qingdao, Shanghai,Tianjin

Our Advantage

    Fans are machinery which rely on the input mechanical energy, improve the gas pressure side by side to send the gas .It is a follower of Fluid Mechanics.

    The fans are widely used in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and the ventilation, dust and cooling of buildings, ventilation and induced draft fan of boilers and industrial furnaces, air conditioning cooling and ventilation of household appliances, drying and selected of grain, wind tunnel,  wind source and promoting the inflatable hovercraft.

    Working principle

    The working principle of the fan and turbine compressor is basically the same, only because of the flow rate of low gas, small pressure changing; generally do not need to consider the change of the gas specific volume, namely regarding the gas as incompressible fluid handling.


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