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Lime Kiln

Model : Lime Rotary/Vertical Kiln

Capacity: 120-800(t/d)

Applied material: Limestone

Application: Lime calcination

Our Advantage


    ZK lime rotary kiln can work with vertical preheater and vertical cooler to achieve the advantages like high use ratio of raw materials, complete calcination, even quality, good quality lime, high capacity output, environmental and energy saving, simple operation and longer working life.


    ZK lime vertical kiln was manufactured by ZK group with modern new technology, which is an environment protection, save energy, higher machanization and automaticity, quite modern lime kiln. Due to has low energy consumption, less cover area, less investment, wide applicability fuel, and more advantages.


    Lime Kiln is the ideal equipment to produce quicklime by the calcination of limestone (calcium carbonate). We could provide technological solutions and complete production equipment for 50-800TPD quicklime (active lime) production line.
    With 60 Years development, we gained different approaches of lime production process, such as energy saving rotary lime kiln process, traditional long rotary lime kiln process, mixed burining vertical lime kiln process, low heat value gas vertical lime kiln process, high heat value vertical lime kiln process etc. Usually, it has two types: lime rotary kiln and lime vertical kiln.
    Based on the exprience accumlation of equipment manufacturing and technical improvements, during 2003-2005, we successfully developed a new pre-heater for dolomite and limestone calcining. This kind of new pre-heater brings a decrease of fuel consumption by 40% and output rise by 30%, and can recycle the heat from the exhaust gas and control the dust emission below 50mg/m³. At present, our company has taken a great effect on the limestone and magnesium industry. Our equipments have become preferred choice of the lime and magnesium experts.
    International project case (Part)
    Iran Ardakan 200TPD Active Lime Project
    Iran Semnan 150TPD Active Lime and Hydrated Lime Project
    South Korea POSCO 15000tpa Mg project Dolomite Calcination Project
    Russian Saratov 150TPD Chalk Lime Reconstruction Project
    Sudan 100TPD Vertical Lime Kiln Project
    Nepal 125TPD Vertical Lime Kiln Project
    Nepal 100TPD Vertical Kiln Dust Collecting System Reconstruction Project
    Tanzania 100TPD Magnesite Calcination Project
    Thailand-Bangladesh 150TPD Lime Project from Waste CaCO3 Dusty in Sugar Production Plant
    Turkey ESAN Magnesium Plant Dolomite Calcination Project
    Turkey KUMAS Magnesite/Dolomite Sintering Project
    Iran AZAR 200TPD Magnesite/Dolomite Sintering Project
    The above is a part of our success project cases in recent years. If you are enaged in the lime plant project, you are welcome to contact with us at vip@zkcorp.com or add me on whatsapp +86 18037866379. 


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