• FU scraper conveyor
  • FU scraper conveyor
  • FU scraper conveyor
  • FU scraper conveyor
  • FU scraper conveyor
  • FU scraper conveyor
  • FU scraper conveyor
  • FU scraper conveyor

FU scraper conveyor

Model: FU200-FU410

Material ideal size: ≤11(mm)

Max. size: ≤21(mm)

conveying capacity : 16-240(m3/h)

FU type scraper conveyor (chain conveyor) is an conveying equipment which is traction components on the roller chain plate and continuous.

Our Advantage


   Because the scraper conveyor is the use of the material in the friction to drive the material move, therefore, the smaller resistance during operation, low energy consumption, energy saving about 50% less in compared with the screw conveyor.


   Conveyor chain adopts high strength wear resistant alloy sleeve roller chain plate structure, and after the special technology processing, it has high strength, low friction coefficient, long working life and other characteristics;


   Wide scope transportation, it should be transport various powder, granular, lump material with high capacity and long distance below 150 ℃.


   The whole transport process conducted in confined Spaces, sealed safe and reliable, especially suitable for conveying volatile, toxic, corrosive, and special medium, etc.


   The type scraper conveyor is completed, there are FU200, FU270, FU350, FU410, various types etc. It can customize according to customer’s demand for special.

    FU type scraper conveyor (chain conveyor) is used for horizontal (or slope ≤15°) conveying of powdery, small granular materials. The advantages of this product are: novel structure, reasonable design, raliable running, energy-saving, high efficiency and long service life. Materials are conveyed in sealing box without leak. The conveyor chain slide on the track has less abrasion. This type of device with compact structure, good sealing, rational layout, application convenient maintenance, etc.

    This product has been widely used in building materials, chemical, thermal power, mining and other industries due to its big conveying capacity and low energy consumption.


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