• Ceramic Rotary Kiln
  • Ceramic Rotary Kiln
  • Ceramic Rotary Kiln
  • Ceramic Rotary Kiln

Ceramic Rotary Kiln

Model: Φ2.2×45-Φ3.8×70

Capacity: 3.5-26(t/h)

Power: 45-160(kW)

Application: construction, chemicals, sewage treatment

Our Advantage


    For the characteristics and requirements of ceramic calcining process, we make optimize design on kiln head and kiln tail. It solved the problems of the discharge reverting and dust leakage at kiln tail to have smoothly conveying.


    It is micro-negative pressure operation in the cylinder with low dust pollution;


    It is even calcination, large capacity and easy to operation and maintenance.

    As a new type of environmentally friendly materials, ceramic is widely used in petroleum, construction, chemicals, sewage treatment and other industries. Rotary kiln is the key equipment of ceramic calcining system. Its performance will directly affect the quality and cost. For the different characteristics and requirements of the traditional calcining ceramic materials, we developed the new series rotary kiln. It has the characteristics of even calcining, large capacity, high operation, energy saving, easy operation and maintenance as well as long machine life, and can reduce the equipment operating costs significantly.


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