• Slag Dryer
  • Slag Dryer
  • Slag Dryer
  • Slag Dryer
  • Slag Dryer
  • Slag Dryer
  • Slag Dryer
  • Slag Dryer

Slag Dryer

Length of outer cylinder: 1-3.6m

Capacity: 1-40(t/h)

Applied material: Slag, clay, coal

Application: Cement, coal, mine industry

Our Advantage


    Strong Drying Ability; The entire surface of the slag particles are the effective drying area since the material is highly dispersed in the hot gas stream.


    Large capacity, high thermal efficiency; The thermal efficiency of up to 75% after dried the free water.


    New process drying methods; Materials and heat flow enter into the slag drying machine from the same side, and the outlet of granulating slag dryer has low temperature and high heat efficiency.


    Tailored Solution; Tailored Service to meet the needs of different users of the slag dried material, such as particle size and moisture requirements.

    Slag dryer also named slag drying machine. Slag dryer is developed from rotary drum dryer, which has been the ideal drying machine for the big moisture and high density materials such as slag, limestone, clay, sand, etc.
    Slag Dryer Application
    Slag Dryer Machine is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical, cement and other industries, mainly for the slag, limestone, clay, sand, quartz sand, granulating slag and other wet materials with high intensity. After being dried by the slag drier, the dried slag can be used into the cement industry and other industries.
    Slag Dryer Working Process
    Slag is relatively sticky. During the drying process, the wet slag will be transported into the feed hopper by belt conveyor. Feed hopper is directly connected to the drying cylinder, and the wet slag will goes into the drying drum by the feed hopper, begin to contact with the hot gas stream inside the drying drum, thereby starting the whole slag drying process.


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