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Box Feeder

Model: XGD Series

Maximum Capaicty: 60 (m³/h)

Applied Material: Shale, Clay, Fly Ash, Tailings etc

Application: Ceramsite Production Line

The box feeder is mainly used for the raw materials feeding for ceramsite production line.

Our Advantage

1. The box feeder has the characteristics of large box volume, simple structure, convenient adjustment of the feeding amount, and the ability to transport raw materials with high water content.


2. It is widely used for the feeding of various raw materials in ceramsite factories and brick and tile factories.

    The box feeder is mainly used for the raw materials feeding for ceramsite production line. It can feed granular and bulk materials evenly, continuously and quantitatively into the receiving device. This box feeder already has been improved for many times, and with the advantages of more practical, stable operation, high smoothness, less leakage, long service life and easy maintenance advantages.


    Raw materials for ceramsite production are generally shale, sludge, clay, fly ash, tailings mud and other materials, which are characterized by small particle size and high water content (except for shale), especially when using sludge to produce ceramsite The moisture is up to about 75%, and the box feeder is an ideal feeding device for the ceramsite industry.


    Working principle:

    Through the transmission mechanism of the motor, the belt (or chain plate) is continuously (or intermittently) moved to achieve uniform feeding. The material exists in the bin on the side of the belt (or chain plate). By adjusting the height of the hopper valve plate or the running speed of the adhesive tape (or chain plate), the feeding amount can be changed.


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