The Maintenance of Pulse Jet Bag Filter

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How to maintain pulse bag filter?
Users should establish a strict pulse bag filter dust removal system inspection and maintenance system. Maintenance personnel should always check whether the equipment is operating normally in shifts and on duty.
First of all to check the pulse bag filter gas source pressure is normal, keep the gas source dry, periodically open the bottom of the gas tank drain valve.
Second pulse bag filter boot to ensure that the pulse valve to work properly to ensure that the import and export of dust filters in the normal range of pressure.
Due to limited equipment parts life, it is necessary to have a professional replacement of damaged parts, the filter bag is generally changed for 1-3 years, the pulse valve diaphragm for a year.
If it is checked that the concentration of chimney discharge in the dust removal system due to bag breakage is obviously increased, when the bag needs to be replaced, it needs to be replaced when the dust removal system is shut down: Uncovering the top of the dust collector and determining the broken bag (dust in the bag pocket is obviously more than others remove the blowing pipe, remove the bag frame, remove the broken bag thrown into the box body, and re-install the bag and the frame, the framework should be placed in the process of keeping the frame and flower plate surface vertical, shall not be skewed, and as far as possible not to step on the frame on the mouth, to avoid deformation of the frame off; reinstall the fixed injection tube, should try to ensure that each blow hole center and filter bag center coaxial, not dislocation and deflection. At the same time strictly ensure that the injection pipe installation is firm; check and clean up the debris inside the warehouse, cover the roof. Remove the bag from the manhole door and close the manhole to ensure airtightness.
Furthermore, maintenance personnel should open the blow-off valve at the bottom of the air bag at the top of the pulse dust collector every 20 days to drain the accumulated water and impurities in the air bag so as to extend the life of the pulse valve and the bag.
Finally confirm the pulse bag filter must be checked before each blower lift valve is raised, this can effectively protect the service life of equipment.


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