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Disc Granulator

Dia: 1000-4200(mm)

Height: 250-800(mm)

Application: cement, steel,fertilizer industry

Shipping Port: Shanghai,Qingdao,Tianjin

Our Advantage


   Novel structure with light weight and low height, and convenient process layout;


   Disc inclination convenient to adjustment.


   Disc granulator composed by disc bottom and section, the section can adjust up and down along disc body, the pellet can’t be strain guarantee by flange at the end of disc section.


   The scraper device composed by unpowered scraper and powered scraper, which supporting the use of optimized disc when cleaning the bottom and side, then the pelletizing result is very well and qualified pellets can be reached over 90%.

    ZK disc granulator is divided into unpowered scraper disc granulator (PQW) and powered scraper disc granulator (PQ). The two kinds of disc granulator are all have the feature of simple structure, convenient operation, the moisture of pellet can be easily control and high hardness. The disc granulator adopts massive structure, the disc bottom reinforced by multiple radiation steel plate. The motor and reducer adopt flexible belt driving, so the life time is increased by the smooth start and low impact.

    Application of Disc Granulator:

    The disc granulator is the main equipment for pelletizing by powder material and widely used in cement industry, steel industry and fertilizer industry.

    Working principle of Disc Granulator:
    The uniform particle core was made by raw material powder, then sent into the disc, after that the core go along a parabola by centrifugal force, friction force and gravity in the disc, the moisture will go out of the core surface in the rolling process, because of the cohesiveness and plasticity, the core will become bigger with raw powder in the process. The pellet has well intensity because of the material cohesiveness and the natural volatilization of surface liquid film. When the disc inclination, edge height, rotate speed and moisture all fixed, the pellets with different diameter will rolling down from disc edge by different angle cause of different gravity, then discharging from the disc edge by rotating inclined disc body.


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