• ZK-15 New-type Granulator
  • ZK-15 New-type Granulator

ZK-15 New-type Granulator

Total Installed Power: 110 kW

Size: 2520* 1720*2590mm

Pelletization Rate: ≥90%

Application: Ceramic Sand

Our Advantage

    Equipment Introduction
    1. Current Situation of Granulating Equipment
    At present, traditional disc granulator is mainly used in the domestic ceramic sand production. The price of this kind of equipment is low, but its capacity is small, pelletization rate is low and added ingredient is required.Especially, it leads to severe dust pollution, occupies a large plant area and labor intensity is large. Under the trend of increasingly high requirements and strict management of environment and labor protection in our country, it has become an inevitable choice for the healthy development of industry to eliminate this kind of granulating equipment out of time.
    In view of this, CARBO Corporate has pioneered in introducing German Eirich RV15 granulators, achieving good economic and social benefits,drawing great attention from the domestic ceramic sand industry. However, Eirich granulator is very expensive, which limits its widespread use in our country.
    Aiming at the urgent demands of technological upgrading in domestic ceramic sand industry, Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd.has successfully developed a similar kind of advanced granulator by the way of collaborative research and innovation. It is capable of fully meeting the requirements for clean and efficient production of a variety of ceramic sands. 
    2. Highly Effective and Clean Granulating System
    ZK-15 granulator is composed of main hopper, reversible spiral, main measuring bin and auxiliary measuring bin, constant dosing water tank, powder recycling processor, air fan, granulating host and complete control system.
    3.Sample Products of ZK-15 
    After 8000 times of trial production as long as six months, ZK-15 granulator developed by Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd.has  achieved mixing uniformity of 99.9%, pelletization rate 16-80 mesh ≥ 90%,discharging every 5-10 minutes.


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