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Coal Dryer

Model: Ø1.0×10m-Ø3.6×36m

Capacity: 1-40(t/h)

Power: 11-400(kW)

Application: brown coal, raw coal, coal slime, coal ash, coal cinder, coal slurry

Coal dryer can dry many kinds of materials which contain moisture, such as coal, coal slurry, slag, industrial waste, and clay stone. They are widely used in building materials, metallurgy, and chemical industry.

Our Advantage


   High drying efficiency, big capacity, high running rate


   Compact structure, operation stable, easy maintenance


    Sealing is simple but efficient, which can improve capacity and improve whole machine performance.

    Coal Dryer (Coal Rotary Dryer) is one of the common drying equipment for coal, which can dry various kinds of coal, such as brown coal,raw coal, coal slime, coal ash, coal cinder, coal slurry etc. The coal rotary dryer is widely used in power plant.

    Working Principle of Coal Dryer

    The coal fines are feed into the dryer and conveyed from the inlet to the discharge end by gravity due to a slight decline, and with shovel plates that line the inside of the drum. Hot gas is passed through the rotating drum in direct contact with the coal fines.The feed is tumbled up and over the shovel plates to maximize the agitation and contact with the hot gasses to induce drying. The dryer fill level is typically only 10% of the internal diameter. The low fill level aids in agitation of the product to insure direct contact with the hot gas. Due to the agitation and gas velocities, there is a substantial entrainment of particulate in the exhaust gas. The gas flow in the rotary dryer is typically co-current with the feed. The moisture and particulate have to be removed from the exhaust gas.


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