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  • Box Pressure Filter
  • Box Pressure Filter
  • Box Pressure Filter
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  • Box Pressure Filter
  • Box Pressure Filter

Box Pressure Filter

Application : Ore Dressing Line

The total area of the filter /㎡: 230-1050

The number of filter plate / block: 62-150

The processing capability of single cycle /t: 6-23

Our Advantage


    As a excellent equipment in coal preparation , chemical, building materials, metallurgy and other industries dehydration, XMZ type filter, with fully automatic chamber pressure, plays an  important role in a closed cycle of the washing, purifying sewage and making full use of its energy ,and is applicable to other industrial sectors, sewage treatment and solid-liquid separation operations. Its working processes is made of four parts, namely reaching to the top of filter plate, pressure filtration, moving the head board and unloading cake, achieving process control and automatic operation.
    The chamber pressure filter series have been widely promoted in the national coal washing plant. Practice has proved that the average moisture of cake is 21% or less, the clear filtrate and the solid content 0.03g / L on average, 10 times lower than the environmental emissions standards. The machine is mainly made of NC Rare Earth nylon and rubber material of the filter plate, which allows the host weight to be reduced by 30% -50%, and significantly prolong the lifespan of the filter plates and filter cloth, thereby reducing the production and maintenance costs and improving production efficiency.
    Note :The example of model implication XMZ-1050/2000:X—Chamber,M—Free flow ,Z—Automatic operation,1050—The total area of the filter(㎡),2000—The dimensions of filter plate(mm)


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