Ore Beneficiation Plant Grading Process

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In the beneficiation process, grading is an extremely important preparation exercise. Grading can effectively separate the coarse and fine particles, thus avoiding the over-comminution of the fine-grained minerals, reducing unnecessary energy consumption, and enabling the coarse-grained minerals to become the comminuted sand returning mill effectively. Grading of a direct impact on the grinding machine production capacity, product quality and follow-up sorting operations concentrate grade and recovery of technical and economic indicators of the level.
Grading process can be divided into gravitational hydraulic grading, centrifugal grading and high-frequency fine-grading three categories. Hydraulic classification of particles in the water by the role of gravity or centrifugal force, according to the settlement of the final velocity distribution of grading methods, including spiral classifier, hydrocyclone, wind classifier. Fine sieve grading is in strict accordance with the particle size of grading operations. In recent years beneficiation grading process transformation, are to make the grading process can be better and stable.
(1) Spiral grader classification
The usage of small and medium-sized ball mill concentrator, for economic and production stability considerations, a grinding closed-circuit grading still tend to use the spiral classifier. Liu Shu et al. reported on the hydrocyclone in Chengchao ore dressing plant grading system of industrial tests. Cheng Chao concentrator a closed-circuit grinding system a total of 6 series, 1-4 series for the Φ2.7m × 3.6m ball mill and Φ2000mm double helix classifier closed circuit system.
(2) Hydrocyclone classification
Hydrocyclones are a highly efficient grading, desliming equipment. Because of its simple structure, easy to manufacture, large capacity, has been widely used at home and abroad, the main drawback is the larger consumption power.
Fine classification is in strict accordance with the particle size size of the grading operation, it can solve the hydraulic grading useful mineral density easily muddy, small density of non-monomer gangue dissociation problem.
(3) A variety of grading equipment joint classification
Reduced iron project requirements vanadium titanium magnetite iron grade cannot be less than 56%.


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