Rotary Kiln Direct Reduction Process

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The rotary kiln reduction mainly refers to iron ore in the kiln after high temperature heating and reducing carbon chemical reaction, and then iron ore is reduced to iron production process.
In the actual production of rotary kiln reduction process is mainly iron ore raw materials, in addition to reducing the iron content of iron ore production must be high, less harmful impurities, chemical composition and stability. However, this type of iron ore for rotary kiln reduction process is relatively small, so the iron ore should be fully considered in the selection of various properties of iron ore.
In addition, the quality of the coal as a raw material also has a significant impact on the rotary kiln reduction process. The combustion of coal is a prerequisite for the normal calcination of the rotary kiln. In addition rotary kiln calcination system generally add desulfurizer, the main purpose is to remove the harmful impurities in the material to improve the quality of the reduced iron.
Iron ore in the rotary kiln calcination system from the kiln through the drying, preheating, decomposition, calcination and cooling processes, the iron ore efficiently reduced to iron. In recent years, rotary kiln reduction technology has gradually matured, reduction of production capacity has also made great progress, but there are still some technical shortcomings compared with the vertical furnace reduction, the problem limits the rotary kiln reduction process development. Therefore, strengthening and improving rotary kiln reduction process is to improve the basic productivity.


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