Energy saving method for cement mill grinding system

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For cement mill grinding system of energy-saving issues, should be from the following two aspects of transformation:
1. Using advanced grinding process equipment to achieve energy saving. China's domestic vertical mill, roller press has a high yield, energy consumption (power consumption, metal consumption) small energy consumption, is raw materials, cement and slag grinding system currently used more methods. Relative to the ordinary ball mill system, vertical mill, roller press can generally increase production 80% ~ l20%, saving about 30%, enterprises through the increase of production efficiency so as to achieve energy conservation. Hefei Institute of vertical mill, roller press system has now been able to meet the scale and supporting the use of 6000t / d clinker production line, according to the system to select the appropriate equipment and processes.
If you consider a one-time investment enterprises, the existing open ball milling system, the ball mill can be transformed into a general screening with high fine and high mill production (only for mill internal body grinding body transformation), increase energy saving are generally achievable about 30%. In addition, the usage of high strength and fine grinding cement characteristics, but also by mixing more than 5% to 10% to achieve the purpose of energy conservation. The closed-circuit system, you can consider the equipment supporting the update, such as the original centrifugal separator replaced by more advanced structural principle of high efficiency separator or high efficiency modular separator, increase energy saving can be reach more than 30%.
2. Reduce production costs by increasing waste utilization. Now mature methods are: slag, steel slag, fly ash and other waste, after grinding to 400m2 / kg ~ 600m2 / kg above the specific surface area, the amount of mixed material can be increased to more than 30%, formulated with carbide slag raw materials, the maximum dosage up to 60%; In addition, the usage of waste calcined raw materials to produce cement, although not a category of grinding, but it is the direction of energy saving cement production, the full use of waste calcination technology is now some cement plant ignition test line success can make all the rubbish and ash are utilized. Not only is the pollution discharge low, which is good for grinding, but it can at least reduce the production cost of traditional high-resource fuels by 30% -40%.
Grinding energy-saving is actually a systematic project, such as raw material selection, ingredients, calcination equipment and processes, maybe have an impact on the grinding, and should be combined with the conditions of enterprises considered.


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