ZK Finished the Ceramsite Pilotscale Experiment Successfully

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ZK base on the frontier in solid waste treatment, it developed fly ash ceramisite kiln firing technology with solid waste treatment and resource utilization laboratory of Tsinghua University entrepreneurship center, which solved the problem of quality stability of fly ash content and mass production. In order to enhance product development capacity, improve the efficiency of research, ZK put forward the design idea and scheme of the test line in the construction of 50kg/h ceramic pilotscale experiment, and it created a good technological platform for product research work.
After more than 2 months of hard work, 50kg/h ceramic in the test line is finished from the design, installation, commissioning and commissioning of the whole process to achieve expected target of short time, less investmen tand quick effect. The test line is designed in accordance with the ceramic production process mode completely, which is not only with the system test function, but also more close to the line process results.
Its uniqueness is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1 The process model use rotary kiln continuous production, it has the whole production line process research and production function.
2 According to the characteristics of the ball after the granulation, curing device which use waste gas waste heat to heat is set.
3 The system set up vertical cooling machine or single cylinder cooling machine two sets of cooling system, users can choose to enter the vertical cooling machine or single cylinder cooling machine according to the material characteristics.
4 The kiln head, kiln tail and single tube cooler seal use flexible seal.
5 The kiln tail set bag filter, so that the kiln exhaust emissions to meet the requirements.
The main technical parameters are as follows:
1 Material: fly ash, below 200 mesh, 80%~90%; accessories 1, about 5%; accessories 2, about 5%.
2 Rotary kiln specifications: Φ0.8 x 15 m, the wall thickness 10mm; power 5.5KW; inclination: 4.5%; speed 0.54~5.41r/min.
3 Firing temperature: 1150~1250℃.
4 Material kiln residence time: 20~180min, achieve it through the frequency control.
5 Energy: liquefied petroleum gas.
6 Feeding way: driving on the hopper.
7 Feeding mode: electromagnetic feeder.
8 Cooling: vertical cooler, single cylinder cooling machine.
9 Dust collection way: pulse bag type dust collector.
10 Exhaust gas way: mechanical forced ventilation.
11 Temperature measurement way: the kiln head, kiln tail, curing box, dust collector inlet 4 thermocouple.
12 Pressure measurement way: the kiln head, kiln tail, dust collector inlet 3 negative pressure transmitter.
13 Control mode: control the combustion fan, cooling machine, rotary kiln, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electric butterfly valve, a dust collecting fan start and stop switch in an electric cabinet.
14 Chain control: the precipitator entrance temperature shall not exceed 230℃.
The design idea of 50kg/h is based on the industrial development and application of the fly ash in the ceramic industry. The completion of ceramsite pilotscale experiment line can fully meet the requirements of process testing and product formulation development, to better meet the needs of small scale and new product development in the early stage of product formulations frequently adjust.


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