TBM company Light Expended Clay Aggregate (LECA) production line with capacity of 70000 tons per year is the biggest in Thailand

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After three months’ technical, commercial negotiation work and mutual inspection. We ZK Corp as the final contractor is responsible for all the project equipment design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.
The production line mainly consists of raw material feeding measurement system, crushing system, mixing system, shaping system, calcination system, cooling system and screening system.
The raw material feeding measurement system consists of hopper, apron feed and belt weigher. Fork lifter truck put the raw material to the hopper for the storage. The apron feed transports the material to the belt weigher for the measurement. And then the material flows to the crushing system by the belt conveyor.
Crushing system consists of clay bar crusher and two sets of double roller crushers. Material enters into the clay bar crusher to do the primary crushing and then enter into the double roller crusher to do the fine crushing. Two sets of double roller crusher are in series connection. After fine crushing, the fine material flows into the mixing system by the belt conveyor.
Mixing system consists of two sets of double shaft mixer. The two sets of double shaft mixer are in series connection. Fine material is mixed uniformly by the impeller blades. The mixer equipment with the water nozzle provides the proper water volume for the material, which is prepared for the granulating system.
Granulating system mainly consists of a set of double roller granulator. The uniform mixing material with proper water are processed by the double roller granulator to generate short column shape material. The short column shape material enters into the shaping system by the belt conveyor.
Shaping system mainly consists of a set of drum shaper. Material makes the continuous movement in the drum shaper. Under the friction force between material and shell to cut material corner to generate the particle with ball shape.
Calcination system consists of rotary dryer, rotary kiln and burner. After processing in the shaper machine, the material enters into the dryer firslty and then enter into the kiln. The max temperature in kiln is 1200 degree centigrade. The burner adopt advanced dual channels burner with fuel of nature gas and diesel. It has the advantage of energy saved and high flexible operation level.
Cooling system consists of a set of rotary cooler. After processing in the rotary cooler, the material with temperature if 50 degree more than ambient temperature is discharged from cooler.
Screening system mainly consists of a set of trommel screen. The cooled material is processed in the trommel screen to generate different size product storage
The whole system adopt advanced DCS control system. We can learn each equipment real running condition and do the control in MCC room. The system can do the automatic control according to the feedback of temperature, pressure, air volume and flow capacity sensors.
Each equipment equips with a electrical local cabinet in order to do the convenient maintenance, commissioning and emergency operation in time.


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