Active lime rotary kiln introduction

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Active lime rotary kiln is a classification of rotary kiln, mainly for the roasting of steel mills, calcined active lime, dolomite light burning and so on. So how active lime rotary kiln?
Active lime rotary kiln main equipment are: vertical preheater, rotary kiln, combustion devices, coolers, etc., work is the material is sent to the rotary kiln preheater, was heated to about 900 ℃, the material Of the 30% has been decomposed, and then after the hydraulic putter into the rotary kiln body, high temperature calcination decomposition, the decomposition of the product into the cooler, cooled to the appropriate temperature after the discharge cylinder to complete the entire production process.
Performance characteristics of active lime rotary kiln
1. The kiln tail of the active lime rotary kiln adds the vertical preheating device, which can transfer the waste heat recovery of finished flue gas to the material to be processed, which can not only accelerate the cooling of the finished product, but also effectively utilize the heat of the exhaust gas to save energy.
2. Calcination system of active lime rotary kiln uses PLC centralized control, centralized control of adjusting device, control device, alarm device and so on, and has screen display and interlock monitoring of each control point, and can automatically record the operation of production process parameters and data.
3. The end of the rotary kiln to add a pulse bag filter can effectively absorb the hot exhaust gas treatment, making the flue gas emissions in line with national environmental standards, the production process of green pollution-free.


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