Method for Detecting Load of Ball Mill

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Ball mill load, an important parameter in the grinding process, is the sum of ball load, material load and water quantity. The detection of ball mill load is an important content of the automatic control of ball mill, which is directly related to the success or failure of the control.
In the actual production process, due to the fluctuation of the ore properties and interference of a series of external factors and differences in the level of operation, the ball mill load is difficult to maintain in the best level, it can not give full play to the effect of ball mill. Therefore, in the grinding process automatic control, the ball mill load detection and control is the most important content of the ball mill automatic control. Whether the load of ball mill can be accurately detected (including the respective values of ball load, material load and water volume) is the key to the whole ball mill control.
Direct detection method of ball mill load
B Lanstiak reported that the function relation between the ball surface and the yield of pulp mill, the surface and the ball mill load rate are closely related on Tenth International Conference on mineral Czechoslovakia Prague Mining Research Institute in 1973. When measuring the pulp in the face of ball mill, determine the height of the pulp in the mill according to the output of the electrodes with the electrode detector. Although the direct detection method can obtain satisfactory results, but it has the following shortcomings: 1t can only detect mill pulp surface, while the medium filling rate, material ball ratio and grinding concentration is not detected. 2 The installation position of the electrode needs to be solved. 3 The electrode needs to be protected against mechanical damage from the ball, so the electrode is not easy to remove, which brings difficulties for maintenance and replacement. 4 Detection of data transfer methods need to be resolved. Because of the existence of these shortcomings, this method has not been able to promote the application.
The indirect detection methods of ball mill load include: single factor test, sound method and double factor test. The sound law includes active power method, vibration method, differential pressure sensor, electromagnetic sensor method, Holzer method, transmitter power tracer method; double factor detection method mainly comprises a double power sound signal detection, noise and vibration signal detection, double power double vibration signal, the development trend of ball mill load measurement should be the combined detection of multiple factors.
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