The trend of development of ceramic sand industry

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The ceramic sand is belong to the resource-intensive industry, it’s main distribute in the area where rich bauxite mine, the 90% of bauxite mine in domestic is distribute in Henan province, Guizhou province, Shanxi province, Guangxi province. Chinese company produce the ceramic sand is replace to the silica sand gradually with good support performance, and come in to America market. At present, the ceramic sand from China has 13% market in North America, the total business in each year reach to three billions.
In recent years, with the develop of ceramic sand industry, the export amount is increase each year, but frankly speaking, the export is less than import, and the product mainly focus on middle and low quality with low added value, the import product with the high added value. The develop of ceramic sand industry in China is not very fast, the number of manufacturer is numerous, but most of them is medium and minor enterprise, with low capacity, low technology and the low price. So there has a large develop space.
Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd. Have the complete set equipment for ceramic sand production with the key technology of granulator, we can provide the whole solution from raw materials formula test to product, welcome new and old clients consult and cooperation.
The application of ceramic sand has the main significance for extend the oil field lifetime, and increase the capacity. Along with the start of UERO shale gas project from 2013, the main oil and gas producing area in UERO and USA will increase the requirement of ceramic sand. The total consumption in the world is around 4.5 million ton each year, and with the upward trend.
In summary, the production technology and quality of ceramic sand industry have been grown, the market demand with a quite large space. In the short term, the market requirement is steady; in the long term, the shale gas exploit is a strong medicine for ceramic sand industry. Depending on the exploration, the shale gas in China is very rich, and the geologic configuration in shale gas area is complex, so the requirement of ceramic sand will be bigger, compare with the ceramic sand industry scale and market demand at present, the demand will be increasing exponentially, so the industry scale with a quite large advancement.


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